how to select wordpress theme

How to select the perfect WordPress theme for your website

New WordPress themes are being developed every day which makes selecting a theme feel like a never-ending story. There are thousands of paid and free options. Each theme looks better than the other.

In this article we will share some crucial tips you should consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your site.

To find the best WordPress theme for your website, you need to consider the following:

Theme features

Everyone wants a full-featured theme. Pay close attention to how the features are implemented. Does the theme developer bundle a bunch of plugins, which might get outdated, or worse, have security holes? Does the theme developer provide support on these plugins?

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Identify the purpose of your site and your target audience

Develop a site plan that outlines the content, features and navigational structure you will need to meet those goals and serve the needs and expectations of your audience.

A good theme should help you get new business or subscribers. Also, your users should easily find what they are looking for on your site.

Free vs. Paid

A free theme is distributed with no warranties, so if something goes wrong, you are pretty much on your own.

A premium (paid) theme comes mostly with more features and functionality.
Because people have to pay for a premium themes, they’re less frequently used when compared to free themes which makes them more unique.


The theme you select must be responsive. It adjust the layout across different screen sizes and devices which makes it suitable for all mobile devices.

Make sure you see terms like “fully responsive”, “mobile friendly” or “mobile first design” in the theme features.
If in doubt, do the Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Ease of customisation

Not everyone is comfortable with HTML and CSS and fixing your theme to get the perfect website can take a lot of time. Picking a theme that looks closest to what you want or has loads of custom options will save some time and money.

Theme support

Make sure that the theme developer is committed to his creation and will focus on that theme over a long period of time.

Try to look at their history and support system/tickets if possible, to get a feel for how they go about support. What are the limitations? How long do they support it? What has the update history been like?


Security is often overlooked when setting up a WordPress website, but it is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration.

Read the customer reviews to find out how safe a theme is. Stay away from themes that have few reviews or downloads.


Make sure the theme supports the most common SEO plugins. Examine the features list to see if SEO is mentioned.

Take the theme for a spin and try the theme online demo and see if it supports SEO plugins and has HTML tags. Also check the page speed, a slow loading page has impact on SEO.


Depending on your geographic location you may be creating a website in a language other than English. Make sure that your WordPress theme is translation ready and supports multilingual WordPress plugins.


If you own an online store that sells last-minute package holidays then you probably don’t want to use a theme designed specifically for fashion.

Make sure the theme offers different possibilities for checkout, like one-page checkout and guest checkout.


Choosing a WordPress theme for your website may feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack so we hope that this article has helped you to get you on your way. You may also want to see our list of most common SEO mistakes to avoid in WordPress.