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How to create effective landing pages that convert

Creating a successful landing page that converts is not an easy job. It is impossible to build a well-converting landing page without prior research. You have to determine who your target audience is and research them.

It all starts with “who?” not with “what?”. The correct question you should ask yourself is “Who am I selling to?”, not “What am I going to market?”.

Key elements of an effective landing page that convert:

A clear headline

The first thing visitors see on your landing page is the main headline which makes it one of the most important parts of your landing page.
Make sure that the headline is instantly readable and makes an impact. Your headline should take up a lot of real estate and be impossible to miss. Use a colour that is prominent and gives a clear understanding of the page.


creating landing pages the headline
A good example is this headline on a landing page for an ebook.


The copy

The copy must explain in clear and concise manner what the page is about. You need to send a clear message with your landing page is about in 8 seconds or less.

The text must convince the random visitor of your landing page to stay and read a bit longer about what you’re offering. That happens when you talk about the one thing your visitors care about, their own issues and desires.

The story needs to convince the visitor to take one single action. You do that by eliminating all possible distractions and telling them what they gain by following your call to action.


creating landing pages the copy
This copy also explains the benefits for Winc.


Image and/or video

Show your prospective clients what you’re offering, don’t just tell them about it.
You should always include an image of you, your product, or your ideal customer interacting with your product. This image should take up a huge portion of your screen. Use an image that compliments the message of your landing page.

Adding a video is perfect for demonstrating the benefits of whatever product or service you’re marketing in a brief, entertaining and informative way.

The benefits

List all the advantages that your product has to offer and how it can solve your potential customers’ problem. It will be easier for your visitors to reach a decision once you’ve described your offering and communicated its benefits.

Call to action

Your landing page has only one goal, converting visitors into clients or leads. Your CTA represents the main purpose of your landing page and you need your visitors to interact with it.

Similar to your headline, you should be able to see your call to action button from five feet away.

Using a colour that won’t be ignored is the easiest way to create an outstanding call to action. Any colour can work as long as there is enough contrast from the background.

There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about what clicking the CTA will do for the user. Don’t use CTA text like “Click here” or “Buy now”, instead use “Try it for free” or “Start 30 day trial”.


creating landing pages call to action cta

Social proof

People want to know what other people say about your business or product.
Testimonials from your previous customers are a powerful way to start building trust and credibility with the potential ones.

Add more details like location, company name, statistics and case studies. The more details the more believable your testimonials will be.

Social proof is what makes your marketing message relevant. Without it, your landing page will lack credibility.


A well-thought-out, focused landing page can be the difference between a mediocre marketing campaign and a gold mine. By applying the principles in this article to your landing pages, you will be well on your way to create an incredibly compelling landing page for your business.