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Brand Identity & Website Development for D2A

D2A Dental2Art is a "state-of-the-art" dental laboratory that designs and manufactures corrective devices for and replacement of natural teeth.

It was imperative for D2A that the website must not dull, like in so many cases in the dental industry.

With a very mixed audience ranging from dentists to patients, we knew the site had to have a very open feel to it.

When Capaly presented the designs and prototypes I knew that they understood what I needed.
It's always a breath of fresh air to find people who are extremely passionate about the services they offer and the work they do.

Johan Steenbergen - owner D2A


  • Create an "artful" feeling in such a way D2A is perceived as refreshing and renewing.
  • Design and develop a easy to use and mobile friendly website that attracts visitors.
  • Create a customized and bespoke WordPress platform for the ability to simplify the editing process.
  • Shop & Blog areas (coming soon) with the ability to be shared on social media.


Together with D2A, Capaly began to imagine how users would use the website. During multiple brainstorming sessions we transferred all our bouncing ideas into a new and dynamic design.

Capaly - online presence consultancy - planning
Capaly - online presence consultancy - design

Design & Development

Capaly assisted and took on the challenge to break the current design trends. It was also essential the design of the website had to be easy to use and mobile friendly.

From pen and paper to codes and computers, the Capaly developers started to give shape to the content. The new website is now on an easy to manage WordPress platform allowing D2A to edit their content effortlessly!


The objectives were all successfully met and the website went live. D2A was very pleased with the result. In using high quality images, a keen design combined with the perfect match of fonts, that makes a statement, the website is the perfect communication tool D2A was looking for.

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Capaly - online presence consultancy - final

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